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What is a target audience?

What’s your end goal with digital marketing services? From client to client, this answer changes from brand awareness to return of investment. As a leading digital marketing Dallas agency, we’ve heard it all, and remind the client that the best way to get to their end goal is with the right target audience.

If the client’s target audience isn’t defined and clear, you’ll be speaking to an empty Twitter feed. Who wants that to happen? No one.

What is a target audience

So, what is a target audience? The Balance states that a “target audience is the demographic of people most likely to be interested in your product or service.” Who is searching for your services and products? Who is your most loyal customers and what are they purchasing? This is imperative to run a successful marketing campaign.

A great example is the investment banking industry. An investment banker is looking to help large companies sell, earn capital, relieve debt, equity or a number of other options to help the company for the longevity. Well, an investment banker isn’t going to target any company or person out there.

The investment banker will want to target the decision makers. Who is the one that’s researching the company’s options? First, find that person. This person will start to recognize your company and this gives the possibility for this person to take it to their boss.

If they take it to their boss, this gives another opportunity for this person to take it one step higher in the chain of command. From the analyst to the CFO or CEO, the decision makers are the ones searching for an investment banker’s services. However, how does a digital marketing Dallas expert figure out who to market services or products to?

How to define the right audience

Let’s use the investment banking example again. If the investment bankers were targeting the general public and whoever would listen to their messages the outcomes would be different.

The bankers would be losing potential clients and customers and possibly give up on digital marketing because there isn’t a large enough ROI.

There are three types of people who are going to support your brand and business:

  • The person who pays you

  • The person who influences others to buy your services

  • The biggest supports

The person who pays you is the person who is searching for your service and expertise in the industry. This is the decision maker who is going to make the final decision on which company to choose from.

The person who influences others to buy your services can be employees in your company who help to sell the potential customer. On the other hand, this person is also a very loyal person who is telling everyone how great YOUR company is. Their reviews and word-of-mouth is helping your business.

The biggest supports are the ones who are liking your posts, sharing them, engaging and are loyal customers. This person is the one who is also leaving positive reviews and using word-of-mouth to support your business.

It’s imperative to get to this point in any marketing strategies to help foster and build a larger community and audience that is made up of your biggest supporters.

So, who is your target audience? Are you speaking to an empty Twitter feed? Let the digital marketing Dallas experts guide your business through the process.

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