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Social Media Marketing:  Instagram Marketing

Social Media Marketing:  Instagram Marketing

As one of the major social media platforms that businesses are flocking to, it is imperative to understand that Instagram could be an asset to any business all over the United States that are B2B or B2C. 

Why Instagram?

Instagram has over one billion active users on the social media platform each month and 500 million of these billion users are active everyday. As this platform continues to grow, this helps businesses expand their brand awareness and reach a larger target audience than ever before. This is because Facebook has primarily switched to the mindset of “pay to play,” while Twitter is slowly declining in the amount of businesses and people who are creating new accounts everyday. 

There are millions of photos that are liked every day and the explore page on Instagram continues to evolve and is constantly updating. Now, just because this is the perfect platform to reach a larger audience and create better brand awareness does not mean that every business should be utilizing this social media platform! 

This is where a marketing agency Dallas can help a business understand what platforms their target audience will most likely be utilizing on a daily basis. This HootSuite graphic breaks down the ages who are using Instagram. 

As this chart shows, there is a pretty even difference between males and females who are using this  platform, but the important thing here is the age range. Who is using this platform the most? People between the ages of 18 years-old to 35 years-old. 

If a business is selling products, offering services, looking to create a better brand awareness, etc. this could be one of the main social media platforms used by digital marketers. 

If a business is selling products to Baby Boomers or Generation Z, this social media channel is more than likely not the platform to be utilizing. This is where our digital marketers would research which are the best platforms for your business to be utilizing. 

As Instagram continues to grow in popularity with businesses and consumers, these are some of the best social media marketing strategies when utilizing Instagram. 

Instagram marketing strategies 


Influencers are the modern day spokesperson for a brand. An Instagram Influencer is a “celebrity” on the social media platform. This celebrity has created a massive following through being authentic, promoting themselves and promoting products that they trust and use. 

If you are using Instagram for personal reasons, you have more than likely noticed an influencers post about a brand, product or services that a company offers. There are over 6,000 different Instagram Influencers in Dallas, Texas alone! These influencers range from lifestyle, food and fashion bloggers to apartment and airbnb rentals! The amount of followers also ranges from 120K down to 10K. 

The amount of followers an influencer has also changed marketing strategies. There are now two different types of influencers- macro and micro. A macro influencer has a very large following who promotes a number of different products, brands and services on their page, while on the other hand, a micro influencer has a smaller following but it is very specific to their page. This is where our marketing agency Dallas can help a business decide on what type of influencer to use and who to reach out to! The next step involves a 24 hour story! 


As Neil Patel states, “if you want to generate leads, Instagram Stories are here to help.” Instagram stories was released as a way to share more content with consumers and followers for 24 hours. (Yes, similar to SnapChat stories.)

Instagram stories are great for digital marketing because it can promote an event, allow videos to be shared, gives the ability for a brand to be more authentic and transparent with their consumers. All of this is critical for a successful Instagram marketing strategy. A great example is if your company is hosting a networking event, going out to lunch, on a company trip or it is just a normal Tuesday in the office! 

These content ideas provide consumers with a better understanding of who your company is as a whole while creating that transparent connection with those consumers and followers. You are one step closer to being an Instagram Influencer! (Just kidding). 


Yup, there is also advertising on Instagram! Instagram states that, “60 percent of people say they discover new products on the platform, and 20 percent of users visit a business profile every single day.” When a Business Instagram Profile is created, it is connected to their Facebook Business Page. When an advertisement is created on Instagram, the demographics from Facebook can also be used on Instagram. 

The overall advertisement budget setup is similar to Facebook’s boosted posts or advertisements. Finally, the most important notion behind Instagram. 

Great images and videos 

As anyone who uses Instagram understands, Instagram is a photo and video based social media platform. As video marketing continues to increase on social media platforms, this is where a business can utilize Instagram stories and creating organic posts with great images! 

Do it for the ‘gram today and hire the leading marketing agency Dallas for all digital marketing and social media management efforts!

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