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Mobile apps 101

Mobile apps 101

A company understands a need for a website. A website is a digital home base for a company. This allows for consumers to ask questions, find information, apply for careers, sell products and services and more. However, would your company benefit from a mobile? Our app developers Dallas explain if your business needs one and what industries benefit from mobile apps. 


These are the notions to think about when it comes to deciding whether your business could benefit from a mobile app or not.

Is your website optimized? 

First, ALL website should be mobile friendly and responsive. Google indexes mobile friendly websites for  those who are not mobile friendly. This is because more consumers are using their smartphones to search Google rather than tablets and desktop computers. Second, our app developers Dallas state that it is kind of silly to have a mobile app that links back to a company’s website that is not mobile friendly.

Market research 

In the mobile app world, there are certain industries where the market is oversaturated with mobile applications. A great example is the health and fitness industry. This industry is saturated with mobile apps from  leading industry companies like Nike to FitBit being the first ones searched. 

In Q1 in 2019, the number of mobile apps continue to skyrocket and equavilate to over 37,143 apps. This does not mean your company should not have an app if it is in the health and fitness industry, but is it the best way to spend a budget? Is there other ways to increase your leads? 

What is the purpose?

The second notion that should be figured out is: What is the purpose of this mobile app? Is this part of a loyalty program? An extension of the company’s services and products offered? If there is not a clear cause and effect, a company might be better off without an app. 

Where is your target audience? 

Depending on a company’s target audience, a mobile app might be exactly what the company needs. If a company is targeting Millennials and Generation Z a mobile app could be the perfect solution for generating more leads, nurturing relationships and enhancing brand awareness. This is because these generations are more likely to download an app for a doctor’s office, a food delivery service, financial help, shopping or social purposes. 

So, maybe a company is leaning towards having a mobile app developed. What industries can benefit from a mobile app


A physician can now video chat with their patients who are sitting at home. This helps to nurture physician/ patient relationships. It is convenient for patients who live further away from specialists and for those whose communities lack a proper healthcare system in place. From insurance to patients moving towards being consumers of their health, this is one industry that can benefit from having a mobile app. 


An E-commerce based company can benefit from an app because it creates a seamless purchasing experience for customers. A customer can simply open up their mobile app on their phone to browse the latest items for sale or find the best end of the year sales. Another benefit of an E-commerce company having a mobile app is that push notifications can be sent to the app on a customer's phone. 


Raise a hand if you have ever ordered off GrubHub, Skip the Dishes, DoorDash or any other food delivery service app! For the majority of users, this is a convenience that is changing the industry. This allows for customers to come into the restaurant or order food to their doorstep on a busy night. Either way, it is convenient and is a great example of an industry that benefits from an app. 

Any company should consult with app developers Dallas before deciding on a mobile app and a company who can build their app. 

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