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Why your business needs a website

In 2019, it’s taboo to think of a business without a website, but we are here to say it happens. No website presence or a terrible website could be hurting your business. A company has about two seconds before a consumer decides to stay or continue their search elsewhere.


In a digital world, most consumers expect businesses to have a place to access after store hours. A website is the perfect place for 24/7 access to your products and services. A customer can get their questions answered, perform preliminary research, speak to a chatbot, find contact information and even more. A website allows for consumers to see if your business is what they’ve been searching for or time to move on. (This is great for both a business and consumer.)

Be searchable

At Dallas Media Group, we are guilty of reminding clients of the importance of search engine optimization strategies and being searchable in Google. In the digital era, a business without a website seems sketchy. Who doesn’t have a website? Before a consumer is walking into a storefront or calling for more information, they’re going to your website.

Over 63,000 searches are done on Google each second on a given day. 63,000 searches in one second in a 24 hour day. As one of the most commonly used search engines globally, why not reach a larger audience with a simple search of Google. If you aren’t on Google, then how are people finding you?

Reach a larger audience

Whether it be local, national or global reach, a website can provide a business with an overall larger audience. With the right website design and development and search engine optimization strategies in place, a business can easily reach their target audience.

Without a website, what are your online strategies? If you’re using social media as a sole revenue driver, are you sure you’re reaching the right people? Also, where are you taking consumers?

You’re a legitimate business

Without a website, you could look like the next pyramid scheme. Over 75 percent of people base a business’s credibility based on their website design alone! People who enjoy and can easily use your website easily can possibly turn into a new consumer or client. A website is the first place audience members are going to check on reviews, credentials and more information. What is your website screaming?

Brand awareness

As consumers, we associate brands with a business. A negative, positive, emotional or any other feelings and thoughts behind a logo and brand affects a business. A brand is synonymous with a business. Think of a local business: can you picture their brand? Do you have a clear and concise understanding of their mission and purpose?

If not, then their website might be a bit confusing or brand awareness could be lacking. A lack of understanding could be costing your business dollars at the end of the day. If consumers are going to a website before anything else, what is that speaking about your brand?

Plumbing businesses, digital marketing agencies, Dallas web agencies, restaurants and more all have a brand awareness and a reputation. What’s yours?

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