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The five features needed on a website!

The right website design is imperative for a business, and this is because it’s the first thing a customer notices! This is the first impression of your business to potential customers and clients. What are they saying? As a leading web design Dallas TX company, we are always trying to improve the first impression for businesses.

What are the elements needed on your website?


It’s imperative to add a personal touch throughout your website design and digital marketing strategies. In a digital world, customers and clients wants a business that is transparent and trustworthy. It’s about the behind-the-scenes of the day to day operations. These customers and clients want the real thing!

Personalization means that a business is interacting with a customer through content on your website that makes sure their interests are being taken into account.

Our professionals say that a custom design is the best way to personalize your website. At Dallas Media Group, we design a website specifically for the customer and their project; we don’t find a wordpress template, change colors, add logo, and done! Each client needs something different and it’s imperative to have these customizations and personalized elements on your website.

Voice search

In the marketing world and web design Dallas TX world, voice search has been trending topic that continues to grow with the implementation of smart speakers in homes. Google Home has officially outgrown Amazon’s Echo with 3.2 million Google Home devices sold. Amazon has sold 2.5 million; however, the important aspect here is that between the two companies over 5.5 million smart speaker and devices have been sold!

The implementation of voice search is going to overtake the digital marketing world and website design world, how can website designers implement these strategies? Web design Dallas TX experts need to add filters into their current design methods. This helps digital marketers to optimize pages and structure the website in a logical way for Google to search for these requests.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The first step in AR is optimizing user experience on mobile and desktop. This means taking advantage of elements of the smartphone to interact with their surrounding areas. A great example of this is interior design, clothing stores, and other ecommerce businesses. These businesses have been implementing AR in their designs to give the users the ability to shop, try on clothes and see it in real life! Some examples of this are Google Leans, Pinterest Lens, Snapchat AR, and Facebook Lens.


Businesses no longer just have 9-5 hours anymore. With the digital age, it’s important to always be available for customers and clients. The issue here is that staff needs to sleep at some point! It can be difficult to figure out how to gracefully do this. A simple widget on your website design can help solve this issue. A chatbot is the automation your business could be searching for. A business can program responses to specific questions and help customers and clients after hours. Get some sleep and let the chatbot do the heavy lifting at two in the morning.


One of the most important aspects of web design Dallas TX is the illustrations and design elements. The newest trends out there are pointing to geometric illustrations and more animations! This gives your page the personal touch and gives you a great advantage over the competition.

Who doesn’t love a funny GIF, animation or beautiful illustration?!

Is it time for a new website design? Let the professionals help you.

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