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The evolution of web design

The evolution of web design

Who else remembers what the World Wide Web (aging ourselves here) once looked like? The 1990’s were  the starting phases of the Internet. Fast-forward to website design now and it is a totally different world.

 A web design company Dallas TX has to make sure that fonts, logos and responsive websites work for everyone and smartphones. As website design continues to advance and is still in the early stages of design, how has it evolved over the last decade? 

The evolution of web design

The 90s 

In the 90s, the notion behind website design was non existent. All websites were text heavy and single column text based. At this time, Google was still in its infant stages as well. Overall, the entire internet was a baby who was learning how to crawl. 

At this point in time, text heavy was the design behind a website. It was made with the purpose to tell the information people were searching on various search engines; in fact, that is the same notion behind a website now but without the beautiful UX designs! 

Around the middle of the 90s, 1995 to 1998, website developers starting to use tables, animated texts and flash was introduced thanks to one tool. 

Flash was known as many names throughout the years, but it started the development of website design. This tool allowed for minimal website design and changes to be such as table structure and the adaption of gifs! This was the start of interactive websites in the beginning phases! Yes, web design company Dallas TX would look back on their original designs, gasp, laugh and think back to better times! 

Image from BuzzFeed 

At the end of the 90s, web design started to pick up and it was a new concept for companies and businesses all over the world. 

The 2000s 

Once Flash was introduced, websites started to change drastically. Now websites had more than text but colors, logos and even more! Which lead to the rise of flat design. 

As the early 2000s continued, design was now were defined in a style sheet versus being coded into the website itself. This made everyone’s lives easier because designs could be transformed at any moment without significant coding problems and a website being down! 

Flat design was the start of responsive websites. At this time any web design company Dallas TX was concerned with the notion of readability, easy navigation and style elements; which is arguably the same notions that are critical for websites now! 

The future of design 

Fast-forward to 2019 and flat design is back in style! This design has been modified to fit the features needed now such as mobile friendly, personalization and better illustrations! 

Another imperative notion in the website design world that was developed was UX and UI design. In 2019, UX and UI design work hand in hand even for those modern flat design websites! 

User Experience is the process of making sure the searcher or consumer can easily read or navigate through the entire site. If the user ends up on a blog, can they easily navigate to other pages? 

User Interface is the behind the scenes design that is happening. This is the starting phases of design and what the UI designer develops is what turns into the website. The UI design is the bones and UX is the skin of a human! 

Without the 90s text based website design, we would not be where we are at now! 

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