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SEO mistakes to avoid

SEO mistakes to avoid

Since the start of Google, businesses have been competing with one another to rank higher in the search engine. SEO is a timeless digital marketing strategy, but as more and more pressure is put on traditional agencies and marketing teams, common and avoidable SEO mistakes can start to happen. 

Our SEO Dallas TX experts want to clear the air now, these are the mistakes to avoid now and forever. 

SEO is dead 

This makes us sad, cringe and angry. SEO is not dead, in fact, SEO has never been more important than ever before. As Neil Patel states, “People have been saying ‘SEO is dead’ ever since SEO was born.” As online competition continues to grow with more businesses turning to the internet as a marketing and advertising avenue, a local and national SEO strategy has never seemed more critical than before. 

 SEO is constantly transforming and to simply say it, if there is Google there is SEO. 

Google Homes, Alexas, Artificial Intelligence, content oversaturation, voice search, PPC ads and so much more is transforming in the SEO industry. If anything, our SEO Dallas TX experts would tell someone that SEO is thriving and in the middle of a huge transformation! Businesses and clients, if a company tells you that “traditional” SEO is dead, please run. Please. Just. Run. What other mistakes often get associated with SEO strategies? 


These pesky keywords. Our SEO Dallas TX creative management firm will ALWAYS tell you that keywords, proper usage of keywords and research is imperative to a successful SEO strategy for any business in any industry. The two most common mistakes that happen in the SEO world are as followed: 

  • Content with keywords stuffed inside and the usage of the wrong keywords

  • Little content with keywords stuffed but usage of the right keywords 

Stop the keyword stuffing. Search engines connect searchers with content and websites that will answer their questions and finish their search results. Google crawls for the best websites with content, SEO strategies and ones who follow their guidelines. Google can tell  if you are writing content for Google only and are stuffing keywords. 

A great example of keyword stuffing is a website’s homepage. Let’s say the business is in the roofing industry. A high-ranking keyword would be roofing companies. The business adds the keyword “roofing companies” “roofing companies (location)” 12 times. First of all, why and second, yikes. This is keyword stuffing 101. 


Images should be optimized in the same sense as a landing page, service page or a blog. Google not only shows the most relevant search results for website but videos and photos. If someone searches  “SEO memes” the top results of website with jokes and memes show but so do images of memes. Images are another way to rank within an industry. 

While stock images have a small chance of ranking, Google wants custom images, videos and infographics to show in the results. Weird, it is kind of like custom and quality content. 

Amount of followers and likes

Hootsuite conducted a study to see if there was a direct correlation between social media and rankings in search engines. The study was conducted with three focus groups: 

  • Group A: 30 articles received with no organic publishing or paid on social media anywhere
  • Group B: 30 articles published organically to social media
  • Group C: 30 articles that were published organically along with a spend of $100 each boosted post. 

These groups were split up into these three categories and the articles followed traditional SEO strategies. What were the results? Post ranked and organically dropped on Twitter and Google as it should. What really matters: engagement on social media posts. The research showed that posts with more engagement did better overall versus others. 

So, 20,000 followers is an achievement that should be celebrated, but is it the most important aspect to Google? Nope. Get those comments, shares and retweets to help show Google you are creating content searches and social media consumers want to read and consume. 

What does all of this mean? Stop associating the amount of followers with better ranking in Google, stop thinking images do not matter, do not let anyone keyword stuff on your website or blogs, and finally, SEO is not dead. Our SEO Dallas TX experts are here to help any business avoid these common mistakes with SEO strategies. 

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