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How to grow a start-up with the power of digital marketing

How to grow a start-up with the power of digital marketing

Most business leaders and managers are now well aware of the need for a robust digital marketing strategy. However, it is important to understand that start-up owners need to adopt very different techniques than those used by major organizations with the resources to hire numerous marketing professionals. 

Fortunately, the digital marketing Dallas TX professionals put together some top digital marketing tips for start-ups  hoping to grow their companies:

1. Start with the website

Your company website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy and should be modern, slick, mobile-friendly and speedy. Get the help of a digital marketing Dallas TX company, like us, to create a site that is personalized to your brand, voice searchable, chatbots and a unique design. 

2. Start local

Most small businesses target local customers, so it is important that you list your company on local search directories such as Bing Places for Business and Google My Business. This will alert nearby customers of your presence. Take a look at this great article from Forbes about the benefits of using Google My Business.  

3. Make the most of content marketing

Content marketing is a fantastic way to boost your online presence and draw in customers. If you remember to implement  keywords for SEO purposes, you will start to see results such as increased traffic and engagement. 

Remember that the more content you produce, the more you will have available to share across social media, and the wider your customer reach will be. The key to growing a start-upis to start local and gradually extend your customer base nationally or even internationally. 

4. Use social media to interact with customers

Many big businesses use social media to bombard followers with flashy adverts. For start-ups and small businesses, however, social media is a fantastic place to build brand loyalty through genuine human interaction. This offers an  answer to questions that may pop-up online, also  remember to maintain a polite and friendly tone of voice at all times.  

5. Encourage people to post online reviews

Genuine online reviews are fantastic for a start-up hoping to build their customer base. To encourage clients to leave reviews, register your company with sites such as Yelp. This will allow people to post any thoughts they have about your business. With any luck, most of them will be positive. However, if you receive any negative feedback, remember to respond quickly with any necessary apologies or suggestions to find solutions to their issues.

With the power of digital marketing, you’ll be able to get your small business gaining more leads and loyal customers. Don’t worry about doing it all yourself. Get the help of a digital marketing Dallas TX that will be able to create a website, SEO, content marketing and manage your social media presence. Contact Dallas Media Group today to get started!

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