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Why isn’t my PPC strategy working?

Why isn’t my PPC strategy working?

As the internet is consumed with blogs, content and new websites each day, business owners and marketers need to break through the content overload. Often times, one way this can be done is with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement. 

What is PPC? 

A PPC ad is an easy way for businesses to generate new leads at a relatively low cost. The concept is simple - you choose search engine terms (keywords) that you think relate to your ad, then when consumers search for that term, the ad will show up alongside their search results. (If it is done correctly!) 

If they click on the ad, then you pay the search engine. However, before you start a PPC campaign, it's important to have a strategy in place, or else your ads might not actually generate any leads. 

It is common for business owners to get frustrated when handling PPC ads on their own. The ads are not bringing in leads and their name is not out there! These are the reasons why a PPC ad could fail. 

Your not using the right keywords 

Keywords. Here we are again talking about those keywords and their importance. As a leading creative agency Dallas, we can not stress enough to business owners, without the right keywords your ad is pointless. 

Let’s say that again: without the right keywords the ad is pointless! Your PPC ad might not be working  because you’ve selected a keyword that isn’t relevant for your industry, has a HIGH competition or one that will not trigger your ad. 

For example, if your company sells new cars, you wouldn't want used cars to show up in your search results, so you might have selected the wrong type of keyword.  This can prevent your ads from reaching your target audience who actually would care about your business. 

Over 59 percent of car buyers spend their time online researching and more than 53 percent are using their smartphones to find information on dealerships! Your PPC could be reaching this audience with the right keywords and two other methods! 

You're not scheduling your ads

Another feature that Google Ads offers for PPC is the ability to schedule your ads to run only at certain times of the day. 

Let’s use the car dealership example above. If you’re selling new cars, you don’t want to schedule a time your target audience isn’t searching for new cars! A time to consider is later in the evening throughout the week and on the weekends. 

This way you can run ads that will not only target the right audience, but when they’ll be searching for new cars as well.  This can turn into more website traffic and possibly turn into more leads. 

Your ad isn't clear enough

You’ve got a great keyword/s but the ad still isn’t beating the competition. How frustrating. What could be causing this? The ad’s copy. You'll still need the ad copy itself to be quality content in order for it to make an impact.

 Make sure that when a consumer reads your ad, they know exactly what you're offering. Don’t forget that  call to action to compel the reader to click on it. 

Want even more guidance with your brand's PPC strategy? Contact the leading creative agency Dallas today to schedule a consultation with our experts!  

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